About us

Introduction to our church
Raamattu Puhuu (Bible speaks / Greater Grace) –church is a living, Bible believing, Christian church, that operates not only in Salo area, but there are seven other churches in Finland. In our teaching we emphasize the redemptive work of Christ and the significance of grace in believer's life. You are welcome to take part in our work and grow in the knowledge of God.

We are a group of people, consisting of different nationalities, professions and backgrounds. First and foremost we are believers in whos' lives God is in the center. We have different types of ministries in addition to church meetings. In those everyone can experience God's love in a particular way and gets a chance to grow in the knowledge of God through His Word and by serving Him. You're welcome to join us. Everyone has a place to grow and be loved..

Raamattu Puhuu –church started its work in Salo already in 1975, when pastor Schaller visited there. Weekly activity was started in 1986 by church in Turku. The current weekly Friday meeting started in 1990's lead by Antti Koskenpää. In the beginning of 2000 he moved to northern Finland and pastor Jorma, Mika Achren and Emmanuel Paul continued after him. Since 1995 we have gathered together on Fridays at 7:00 PM. We are a groups of different kinds of people being edified at the Word of God. In our meetings you can hear Finnish, English and Russian. Since pastor Antti returned to south-west Finland, he started leading the church again. We have plans to move forward as God opens new doors.
We have found ways to co-operate with other churches in Salo.
Let's pray that we can serve the Salo people with our portions, each according to his/her abilities.
Our vision is that we could also serve Russian and English speaking friends in Salo area.

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You're welcome to come and get to know us.